1.The diameter of a golf ball is 50.8mm (2 inches)


2. A player can carry up to 17 clubs on the field.


3. We make a condor if we manage a par 3 in one shot.


4. The Ryder Cup is played every 4 years.


5. There are approximately 33,000 golf courses in the world.


6. Golf returned to the London 2012 Olympic Games.


7. A player walks approximately 6.5km (4mi) on foot to complete an 18-hole course.


8. Tiger Woods is the only player to have won all 4 golf Grand Chelem tournaments.


9. In the 18th century, golf balls were leather envelopes filled with feathers.


10. US President Woodrow Wilson used black balls to play in the snow.


11. The hole on the green has a diameter of 13.97cm (5.5 ").


12. Jack Nicklaus is the only player to have won 6 times the Masters tournament.


13. No golfer has managed to play below 60 in a PGA tournament.

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