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ACRA is a non-profit recreational association founded in 1955 by Air Canada employees but the precursor of ACRA was TCARA created in September 1943. The purpose of ACRA is to provide sports, cultural and friendly activities outside the workplace and to foster friendship and camaraderie among members and their families.


The existence and funding of ACRA come both from the annual contribution of members, past and present, and from the many volunteers who generously give of their time. 


Members can enjoy several sports activities (softball, bowling, curling) including tournaments. They can participate in system events in other ACRA chapters both in Canada and abroad. Montreal members can participate in social events such as the famous ACRA Christmas party for children, after-tournament parties or banquets at the end of the sports season.


Several advantages are related to the status of member such as a gift card for a newborn or during an extended sick leave, etc. (see benefits section).


Members are invited to visit our magnificent campground on the shores of Lac Barrière in the Outaouais. They can stay for short periods at our guest sites or even join a waiting list for seasonal camping at an excellent rate. 


Our Team
Paul Payer


Jim Stachecki

Vice President

Pierre Williams


André Marois


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Dotane Harel
Jany Chamberland



Roger Harte

Sporting activities

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ACRA YUL-logo_edited_modifié_edited_edit
Walter Hock
Lise Quimper-Sobolta
in memoriam


Camp 4 Winds

Publicity, Website

Member benefits

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